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The Lucid Series: Book 1

American Dreamer

The party bosses thought they got their way. If they only knew.

American Dreamer is set in a Chicago of 2018, as well as a pivotal party convention at the ‘Madhouse on Madison’ in 1944. President Roosevelt was ailing, and whomever was selected as VP would end up leading the country. At stake was more than a candidate, but an entire timeline.

Waking in a dream Nadia finds herself in a class with two other students. The woman posing as their teacher, (if indeed she is a woman), convinces them that they have no real choice but to assist with her plan. Miss Biel breaks each of them with terrifying nightmares, and ‘tasks’ to complete while awake that destroys any hope of escape. But Nadia begins to realise she isn’t quite alone, not exactly powerless, and that there are those besides Miss Biel who want a certain outcome. There comes a time when she has to decide who to trust.

American Dreamer weaves present and past in a narrative that transports the reader to an earlier age, and slowly wakes them to an alternative reality, not too distant than our own present.

With American Dreamer, I wanted to develop the theme of consciousness, dreaming and ‘reality.’ The seed for this series of books came to me in a dream. I dreamt I was in an ancient city, and that I didn’t belong. I became aware that I was dreaming, what is called ‘lucid.’ In that dream I timidly stuck to the wall as I made my way down a stone lane and rounded the corner to some stairs. Several weeks after that I was watching a documentary about the ancient city of Ephesus. As I was watching I said to the person next to me, “They are going to go up the stairs and see a huge temple.” That is what I saw in the dream. And in the documentary they went up the stairs to see … ruins. But of what was once the temple of Artemis, which is what I visited! That dream is used in the second novel, Tomorrow’s History (Jakob’s Bidrag), which follows one of the characters in American Dreamer.

Published soon by Dreaming Big Publications, American Dreamer is currently in the editing process.

UPDATE 15/2/20: American Dreamer has gone through the developing edits and copy edit stage of development. Cover ideas are being explored. We’re looking for a launch in time for the US party convention season!

Lucid  Book 2

Tomorrow’s History (Jakob’s Bidrag)

The gods don’t stand idle, content with watching the human drama unfold. Just as the sagas and the ancient stories tell, they like to interfere.

Tomorrow’s History (Jakob’s Bidrag) has it all. Gods and goddesses, Vikings, time travel, alternate realities, lucid dreams … and key moments in history, where the very future hinges on the outcome. Tomorrow’s History is set in London, in the present day. Sunlight glints off solar panels, harvesting the energy that keeps the city moving. Roof gardens add a hint of green to the skyline. Airships pass overhead on their way north to the capital, Jorvik.  Ships of the Great Fleet load at the busy docks, preparing for the voyage across the Western Ocean to the Far Settlements, holding the Norse world together.

Were it not for his disturbing dreams, and somebody trying to kill him, Jakob would think his world is safe. But it isn’t. Something needs finishing for his present to come to pass, and for some unknown reason she has chosen him to do it. Jakob finds himself in dreams from which there is no escape, where he must survive among ancestors less refined than his current countrymen. Thrust into an age of Vikings who are much more familiar with the sword and the axe, he lacks the one skill that is essential to survival, so he uses the only thing he has—his wits. Tasked with leading a party of warriors in pursuit of royal game he is swept into an adventure that can only have one outcome if Britain is to survive.   

Under contract with Dreaming Big Publications.

Lucid  Book 3

Gods and Dreamers

“Time kills all things. Even the gods. That’s why they interfere so much. They just want to live longer. It’s pathetic, really,” Petrit said.

We all dream, only most people don’t remember those dreams. What do you do, and how can you know, if you don’t recall? Maybe we are used, to make history turn out one way or another, to push reality into multiple possibilities. And if we do become awake to that, become ‘lucid’, then maybe we can start to control it. The third novel in the Lucid  series,  Gods and Dreamers, is about trying to do just that, and fighting back against the gods manipulating we mere mortals. Teeny, Robbie and Thieu start to recall what they have been asked to do, and their awareness makes them rebel. Petrit and Nadia are waiting to recruit them, and to teach them how to use their lucidity to fight back. Together they struggle to protect their timelines and prevent others from starting new ones.shutterstock_321106607

Gods and Dreamers is the third book in the Lucid series in what I originally envisioned as a collection of three stand alone but related titles. It is currently in the hands of my beta readers. But rather than sit and bite my nails waiting to get it back, I’ve started a sci-fi novel.

Under contract with Dreaming Big Publications.

Current projects:

A science fiction novel


Sometimes when you lose your way, there is no going home.

My youngest daughter, Natasha, got tired of me talking about space travel and bought me the book, Hyperspace, by Michio Kaku. I kept telling Natasha that the easiest way to get from point A to point B is to put A and B in the same place. Simply step from one to the other. Michio Kaku explains the math behind that (in layman’s language for dummies like me). It is theoretically possible, it just requires an immense amount of energy. I mean, an immense amount. So … in a future where that energy is harnessed, that’s what we do. Only point B isn’t quite where our protagonists thought, and the miscalculation might not be their fault.

Draft back of book blurb:
Stepping: The easiest way to get from point A to point B is to put A and B in the same place. Simply Step from one to the other. Known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, it is theoretically possible. It just requires an immense amount of energy. And in a future where that energy is harnessed, that’s what we do.

Jens needed to get off the planet in a hurry so he took the first job on an interstellar freighter he found—a convoy to the far-flung colony of Sukhavati, three Steps and almost three thousand lightyears, away. Only the desperate went so far—colonists willing to trade a life on Earth for a new start on a lifeless rock across the galaxy, or spacers one step ahead of the law.

But as each Step takes him farther from home, Jens learns that the job isn’t exactly what he was told, the cargo not as legitimate, and his situation even more precarious. Jens finds himself being groomed for a role in an interplanetary drug racket, with no way out.

Then the convoy mis-Steps, emerging lightyears from where they wanted, and the miscalculation might not be their fault!

UPDATE January 2020: MisStep is now complete! I like how it played out.
UPDATE: April 2020: MisStep has been longlisted for the Michael Gifkins Prize for an unpublished novel!

Concept cover

Taking up the adventure:


They tried to hide form certain death. Now it’s time to find them.

Now for a second book in that universe–Twenty five years in the future when a team goes out looking for those aliens. Yes, they’ll catch up with Jens and we’ll get to see how he’s doing. He’d be about my age in this next book. What happens if they find what they’re looking for?


Concept cover

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