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Read the Lucid series:

Lucid Book 1: American Dreamer

Published by Dreaming Big Publications, American Dreamer is now out!  Find it HERE. American Dreamer is available through many online sellers, so shop around! Book Depository is one of my favorite retailers, who serve many locations. 

The party bosses thought they got their way. If they only knew.

1944. President Roosevelt is ailing, and whomever is selected as VP will end up leading the country. At stake is more than a candidate, more than a political office, but an entire timeline.

Waking in a dream Nadia finds herself in a classroom with two other students. The woman posing as their teacher (if indeed she is a woman), convinces them that they have no real choice but to assist with her plan. Miss Biel breaks each of them with terrifying nightmares, and ‘tasks’ to complete while awake, that destroys any hope of escape.

But Nadia begins to realize she isn’t quite alone, not exactly powerless, and that there are those besides Miss Biel who want a certain outcome. There comes a time when she has to decide who to trust.

American Dreamer weaves present and past in a narrative that
transports the reader to an earlier age, and slowly wakes them to an
alternative reality, not too distant than our own present.


“A great story, imaginative and absorbing. I read the whole book over a weekend, couldn’t put it down. The crossing between alternate universes and parallel lives was like American Gods written by Neil Gaiman. It was a reminder that even in these troubled times, things could be worse!”

—Amazon reviewer


Lucid  Book 2: Tomorrow’s History 

The gods don’t stand idle, content with watching the human drama unfold. Just as the sagas and the ancient stories tell, they like to interfere.

London. Present day. The sun glints off solar panels, harvesting the energy that keeps the city moving. Roof gardens add a hint of green to the skyline. Airships pass overhead on their way north to the capital, Jorvik.  Ships of the Great Fleet load at the busy docks, preparing for the voyage across the Western Ocean to the Far Settlements, holding the Norse world together.

Were it not for his disturbing dreams, Jakob would think his world is safe. But it isn’t. Something needs finishing for his present to come to pass, and for some unknown reason he has been chosen to do it.

Jakob finds himself in dreams from which there is no escape, where he must survive among ancestors less refined and genteel than his current countrymen. Thrust into an age of Vikings who are much more familiar with the sword and the axe, he lacks the one skill that is essential to survival. While the gods manipulate fate, he uses the only thing he has—his wits.

Tasked with leading a party of Danes in pursuit of royal game he is swept into an adventure that can only have one outcome if Britain is to survive. King Alfred “the Great” must not get away.

Tomorrow’s History  has it all: gods and goddesses, Vikings, time travel, alternate realities, lucid dreams … and key moments in history, where the very future hinges on the outcome. 

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Lucid  Book 3: Gods and Dreamers

“Time kills all things. Even the gods. That’s why they interfere so much. They just want to live longer. It’s pathetic, really,” Petrit said.

We all dream. Only most of don’t remember. How can we even know what we do in our dreams if the memory fades like mist when we wake up? Teeny, Robbie, and Thieu start to recall their dreams and the disturbing acts of violence and servitude that they are coerced into committing in timelines other than theirs.


Awareness breeds rebellion. Led by Petrit and Nadia, who enlist the new rebels into their secret campaign against the manipulative gods, the dreamers learn how to use their lucidity to resist the oppressive forces that control their dreams and realities alike. Together, the dreamers struggle to protect their timelines and push back against the gods that exploit mortals for entertainment and rewrite history for sustained nourishment.

But first they have to survive. There are others who think them heretics and will try to stop them at all costs.

“Gods and Dreamers is the third book in the Lucid series in what I  envisioned as a collection of three stand alone but related titles. It is currently in the final processes before publication.”

Available here!


Coming soon:

A science fiction novel


Describe it in a sentence?

                   Interstellar drug deal goes very wrong.

concept cover

Draft back of book:

Stepping: The easiest way to get from point A to point B is to put A and B in the same place. Simply Step from one to the other. Known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, it is theoretically possible. It just requires an immense amount of energy. And in a future where that energy is harnessed, that’s what we do.

Jens needed to get off the planet in a hurry so he took the first job on an interstellar freighter he found—a convoy to the far-flung colony of Sukhavati, three Steps and almost three thousand lightyears, away. Only the desperate went so far—colonists willing to trade a life on Earth for a new start on a lifeless rock across the galaxy, or spacers one step ahead of the law.

But as each Step takes him farther from home, Jens learns that the job isn’t exactly what he was told, the cargo not as legitimate, and his situation even more precarious. Jens finds himself being groomed for a role in an interplanetary drug racket, with no way out.

Then the convoy mis-Steps, emerging lightyears from where they intended, and the miscalculation might not be their fault!

MisStep was longlisted for the Michael Gifkins  Prize for an Unpublished Novel.       


Taking up the adventure:


Now for a second book in that universe–fifteen years in the future when a team goes out looking for the original inhabitants of Pemako. Yes, they’ll catch up with Jens and we’ll get to see how he’s doing. What happens if they find what they’re looking for?

concept cover

draft back of book:

A pandemic spread over their planet and swept them from history. In a desperate act to save their species they launched a remnant of survivors into the depths of space, frozen in cryo-sleep, to be awakened only when their ship detected a habitable planet. But there were no planets and the ship continued into the cold and dark.

Thousands of years later humans have settled the ocean world. Earth’s dream of finding her sister planet has come true, and it was free for the taking. They gave it their own name, Pemako, and lived beside the ruins of what was once a mighty civilization.  Picking through the artifacts, xeno-linguist Peter Taylor and a small research team find evidence of the Original’s desperate mission. Plotting the probable course of the ship, the team locate where it might be, if it really exists, and if it is still operational.

The promised technology of the Originals outweigh any ‘ifs’. But they need the help of a powerful earth-based consortia, as well as from the only man to ever survive a confrontation with those whose planet they now call their own. 


A new page turner– science fiction meets climate fiction in:


Fishing in the near future takes more than a net!

While some countries fished their stocks to oblivion, New Zealand managed theirs. The nation put a quota on target species, managed and researched it. At the same time, they continued to give the market what it wanted and to pocket the profit, making the nation rich.

But as fisheries elsewhere played out, New Zealand waters started to look more attractive. First, foreign boats encroached, shouting insults, cutting nets, ramming ships. Then they packed guns, which meant Kiwi fishers did too. Vessels were boarded, holds emptied. Fishers killed. Eventually, every ship protected itself with its own PAC, patrol and attack craft, with missiles that skim the surface, and kamikaze drones equipped with explosives.

Only there is a bigger shadow on the horizon, one that defects all radar, is lethally armed, and takes what it wants.


The Fisheries Need You!


Do you like to work outside? Are you young and fit?

Help protect our resources, and make good pay.

Skimmers, Pulsers, Spotters and Ak-Aks needed.

Become a PAC-Man (or Woman) and defend our fish!

Adventure on the high seas awaits.

Apply now at your nearest port!

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