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The Ethnographer’s Gift and other stories

Three stories to entertain and intrigue:

An alien ethnographer collects death moments for his study. One autumn morning he starts to show Chloe …

A man’s dream of meeting the lights he has seen in the sky, of journeying with them, turns to nightmare when he finally gets what he wants…

We can’t even communicate with dolphins, an intelligent mammal from our own planet. How on earth (or off it) could we talk to alien life? What might happen when we try?

On an Island Surrounded by Water, Reflections of the British Isles

Written before leaving Britain, my adopted home for fifteen years, these vignettes capture scenes from my time there, memories I wanted to take with me. They show a little bit about me. “Meet the author.”

I came across a handmade leather notebook in a small shop in Venice, Italy and scrawled these with a fancy quill pen I had at the time. 

The paper was also great for water colors. There’s some of my first inside.

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