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Understanding Behavior: Listening to the Language of Action 

An online course 

This online course looks at behavior as communication. All behaviour, from the toddler, to the child, to the adolescent, to the adult, is saying something. This is very important to remember when working with the student, and it asks the educator to look behind any behaviour to discern what is being expressed—to listen to what is being said. This course will leave you with a deeper appreciation of what might be happening in the classroom or early learning setting, to listen to behavior, and what (and whose) needs are possibly not being met. You’ll learn about the four mistaken goals and how to start to identify them. You’ll be introduced to the Circle of Courage and how that can be used to help address the needs communicated through behavior. This course is designed to inject a humanistic element into the understanding of behavior, where behaviors can be understood and plans created with a deeper empathy for yourself, and towards those you are working with.

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Under Development:

Sequenced Learning: Teaching Independence through Mastery

An Online Course

I was told by my first supervisor in Special Education, “Your job is to work yourself out of a job.” This course was developed with that principle in mind. Teachers, parents and other professionals are working all over the world to help their students or their children learn the skills needed to live more independent and fulfilling lives: how to take care of themselves, how to make their beds or cook a healthy meal, how to shop for what they need and pay for it, how to access the community, etc. It’s why we’re here.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Recognize the varied steps involved in an activity
  • Improve teaching and learning through step by step instruction
  • Be able to create your own resources for sequenced activities
  • Create a game to teach sequencing
  • Heaps of resources

Coming soon through ECE Formula

A very unique resource:

The Choices Game: Staying Safe in Social Situations

A fun, interactive game that teaches vulnerable young people how to make positive choices and develop the social skills they need to stay safe in school and in te wider community. Vulnerable young people, such as those on the autism spectrum, intellectual disabilies, or social, behavioural and emotional difficulties often lack the skills to make the right decisionswhen faced with potentially dangerous scenarios. The Choices Game has been especially designed help older children and teenagers stay safe by learning how to make positive choices in social situations.

“The game is simple and very easy to learn and play and the instructions are excellent.”
– AS Teens

Published by Jessica King Publishers and available on many online retailing sites such as Amazon. NOTE: The Choices Game is now out of print, but there may be used copies available somewhere. The original run of 1500 games has sold out. Translation rights have been sold to GilEditores of Mexico, so stay tuned for the Spanish edition.

The Choice Games: Staying Safe in Social Situations

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