A Stepping Novel

 Describe it in a sentence? “Interstellar drug deal goes very wrong!”

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Stepping: The easiest way to get from point A to point B is to put A and B in the same place. Simply Step from one to the other. Known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, it is theoretically possible. It just requires an immense amount of energy. And in a future where that energy is harnessed, that’s what we do.      

Jens needed to get off the planet in a hurry so he took the first job on an interstellar freighter he found—a convoy to the far-flung colony of Sukhavati, three Steps and almost three thousand lightyears, away. Only the desperate went so far—colonists willing to trade a life on Earth for a new start on a lifeless rock across the galaxy, or spacers one step ahead of the law.

But as each Step takes him farther from home, Jens learns that the job isn’t exactly what he was told, the cargo not as legitimate, and his situation even more precarious. Jens finds himself being groomed for a role in an interplanetary drug racket, with no way out.

Then the convoy mis-Steps, emerging lightyears from where they intended, and the miscalculation might not be their fault!

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You can find stories from the MisStep universe in the anthology, Journey to the Stars, including: The OriginalsStepping OutMaritime Report, and Second Seed

MisStep was longlisted for the Michael Gifkins Prize for an Unpublished Novel.