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Disability and the University: A Disabled Students’ Manifesto

Published by Peter Lang, and edited by Christopher McMaster and Benjamin Whitburn, this collection is a clear guide to not only what students want (and need to know), but what universities should provide.  Each chapter presents a benchmark for students to follow as they travel through the institution, and also lays clear what they should expect. Each chapter is also a clear statement of what every institution of higher education should provide. While every country has its own practice and laws based on its own experience, arbitrary national boundaries should no longer be a reason for practices that do not meet student need. This book speaks across borders, east, west, north and south. It leaves no doubt about what needs to be done to develop more inclusive teaching and learning spaces.

This is not a book written about students with disabilities. It is written by those that have traversed the terrain and experienced higher education with a disability.  It is in many ways a manifesto, a call for change, a call to action. It is a guide book, a blueprint, and a tool, for both students and universities.

Disability and the University: A Disabled Student’s Manifesto promisses to be a seminal work in the field of student rights and student support.

A tremendous loss: We mourn the loss of Professor Mike Oliver, and are deeply honoured that some of his last words are the foreword to this book.

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In the works:

Radical Behavior: New Directions for Special Education Teachers and Students

Radical behavior offers a needed re-assessment of how teachers understand behavior issues found in their classrooms. The text book takes a humanistic approach to what is often referred to as ‘challenging behavior’ or ‘emotional disorders’. It is designed to equip the student with the essential skills needed to understand and plan for behavioral needs in the school setting, but it is also designed to equip the practitioner with the skills to reflect upon what they are doing, who they are supporting, and the role they are playing in the educational system in which they work. The book is written as a text, and can be easily accessed by the professor for use in the classroom. The content is presented in such a way that it can both fit into existing course structures, as well as provide the essentials for any course on behavior assessment.

Radical Behavior is a teaching and planning tool for educators that care about the individuals they work with.  I have invited several professionals to write chapters with me in some key areas. This is to utilize their expertise in those areas, as well as build upon the networks in which they operate.

Under contract with Peter Lang International, Radical Behavior will be submitted to the publisher in December, 2020. I am now collaborating with Dr. Thomas Anthony to bring this needed title to completion.

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Educating All: Developing Inclusive School Cultures from Within

Published by Peter Lang International

“Christopher McMaster’s presentation of the experience of a school in New Zealand applying a fusion of the Index for Inclusion and Freire’s notion of praxis provides sound guidance for other schools and their communitities. This book has much to offer schools and their communities as they traverse the dilemmas and delights of building more inclusive schools for all students.”

Roger Slee, Founding Editor, the International Journal of Inclusive Education

Developing Inclusive School Cultures from Within

Educating All is based on my doctoral research on school culture, inclusive education, and meaningful school change.

Survive and Succeed Series:

Guides for Graduate Students

This series began as a desire to collaborate with other postgraduate students. It became six edited books involving teams of co-editors and over 125 contributers around the globe.

Created and co-edited by Christopher McMaster, editions represent Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, and the Nordic countries.

Written by and for graduate students as they traverse higher education. The remit to contributers was direct: “If you could go back to the time when you were starting or considering higher study, what would you tell yourself?” Each chapter in all the international editions offer this insight. Chapters contain contributions covering coping with family, illness, disability, and distance. Culture is bridged, and international students are given advice.

United States

“At a time when economic uncertaintity rules not only everydfay life but higher education as well, Graduate Study in the USA is both a bold political and theoretical call to action and an invaluable tool kit.”

Henry Giroux, McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interes

Graduate Study in the USA

Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland

“This book provides essential advice for navigating the possibilities and difficulties of doing a PhD in Nordic countries.”

“This book provides essential advice for navigating the possibilities and difficulties of doing a PhD in Nordic countries.”

Professor Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University.

The Nordic PhD

United Kingdom

Published through Libri, Postgraduate Study in the UK offers students and prospective students lessons for their own unique journey through postgraduate study. Each chapter is written in a personal and relateable way, and the overall message is one of optimism that students can indeed do much more than simply survive, they can succeed.

Postgraduate Study in the UK

Aotearoa/New Zealand

Topics include supervision, preparing for the viva voce, writing and publishing, maintaining wellness, navigating culture, wroking full time and juggling life’s many challenges. Everything you need to know to survive and succeed down under.

Published through NZCER Press

Postgraduate Study in Aotearoa New Zealand


“We learn best from our peers, who may also be our wisest mentors. This lively and wide-ranging book will show you not only how to survive and succeed in your postgraduate studies but how to take pleasure in the journey.”

Professor Helen Sword, University of Auckland

Postgraduate Study in Australia

South Africa

A ground breaking edition from South Africa, Postgraduate Study in South Africa: Surviving and Succeeding is a timely contribution to a growing national discourse on how students navigate higher education in South Africa

Postgraduate Study in South Africa

Historical Writing:

Check out this look at a little known war–the US intervention in the Russian Civil War. Doughboys in Siberia!?! The editor of Trip Wire, an e-zine devoted to the study of the First World War, came across my articles about the time and featured them in the May and June, 2020, editions of the journal.

Check it out here: St. Mihiel Trip-Wire


Tairawhiti Waka Hourua: Crew Manual and Sailing Curriculu20190603_125951m

Everything you ever wanted to know about sailing a Pacific Voyaging Canoe but were afraid to ask. Developed to help train crew and act as a reference and textbook for our Rangatahi (youth crew), this 185 page manual is by far not the final word–just enough to get you sailing. From how to raise a sail to what it is doing up there (like lots of really neat physics). Our tikanga (way of doing things) as well as our waiata (song). I hope this will be merely the 1st edition in an ever developing learning experience. The table of contents is available at:

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