Pirates Come Down

A Southern Ocean Saga

Science Fiction meets Climate Fiction in this high seas adventure!

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Fishing in the near future takes more than a net!

Rickets is a PAC-Man, his patrol and attack craft the first line of defense against encroaching vessels. Moss is a Fisheries Observer, tasked with seeing that companies follow the rules set for target species. Together they play a part in ensuring the waters are not fished to extinction.

But as fisheries elsewhere are wiped out, New Zealand waters start to look more attractive until every ship protects itself with PAC boats, missiles that skim the surface, and kamikaze drones equipped with explosives.

Only there is a bigger shadow on the horizon, one that deflects all radar, is lethally armed, and takes what it wants!

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Pirates Come Down was longlisted for the Michael Gifkins Prize for an Unpublished Novel. 

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If you like these, stay tuned for Pirates Come Down, a full-length novel set in the fisheries of the future. Science fiction meets climate fiction in a high seas adventure. Release date: February 22, 2022.

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