A Stepping Novel

They tried to hide from certain death. Now it’s time to find them!

Coming 1 September, 2022!

A pandemic spread over their planet and swept them from history. In a desperate act to save their species they launched a remnant of survivors into the depths of space, frozen in cryo-sleep, to be awakened only when their ship detected a habitable planet. But there were no planets and the ship continued into the cold and dark.

Hundreds of years later humans have settled the ocean world. Earth’s dream of finding her sister planet has come true, and it was free for the taking. Picking through the ruins of what was once a mighty civilization, xeno-linguist Peter Taylor and a small research team find evidence of the Original’s desperate mission. Plotting the probable course of the ship, the team locate where it might be, if it really exists, and if it is still operational.

The promised technology of the Originals outweigh any ‘ifs’. But they need the help of a powerful earth-based consortia, as well as from the only man to ever survive a confrontation with those whose planet they now call their own. 

You can find stories from the MisStep universe in the anthology, Journey to the Stars, including: The OriginalsStepping OutMaritime Report, and Second Seed