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The New anthology

Journey to the Stars


“A worrying look inside my mind.” -the author

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Stories include:

Failure to Communicate

We can’t even communicate with dolphins, an intelligent mammal from our own planet. How on earth (or off it) could we talk to alien life?

Earth Story

With an asteroid hurtling towards their planet, a ship is sent to evacuate their colony … It wasn’t just the dinosaurs that suffered.

The Locker Room

I spent a month working in the belly of a factory trawler, elbow deep in fish guts. I told the guys on my shift they were going to be characters in a story, a combat platoon on a space ship. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent, because, well, they aren’t

Bunk Mate

Space can be a lonely place. Distances are measured in months, not miles. In the early days of NASA, they thought the vast emptiness and solitude would be too much for the human mind to handle. Maybe they were right …

Journey to the Stars

A man’s dream of meeting the lights he has seen in the sky, of journeying with them, turns to nightmare when he finally gets what he wants …

Praise for Journey to the Stars: “I want to take my hat off to Mr McMaster. One of the wonderful aspects of reading new work is that you come across someone you’ve never read before … His story, Journey to the Stars has me very glad he is a Gisborne writer.”

        Witi Ihimaera (from the Introduction)

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