Coming in 2023: The Lucid Series

The Lucid series has it all: gods and goddesses, Vikings, time travel, alternate realities, lucid dreams … and key moments in history, where the very future hinges on the outcome. 

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Can one person change a reality?

Her father killed because of the color of his skin. Harassed by the mercenaries hired to control their streets. The county run at the whim of the billionaire oligarchs. Nadia is living the American nightmare.

Even sleep offers no escape as her dreams transport her to a past reality where she is being groomed to manipulate fate. Worse than her own reality, she is trapped by an unknown entity in a different kind of nightmare where any hope of escape seems impossible.

But she begins to realize she isn’t alone or powerless, that there are others like her, and she has to decide who to trust. At stake is an entire timeline.

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LUCID BOOK 2: Tomorrow’s History

Can one person save a reality?


London, present day. Airships pass overhead on their way north to the capital, Jorvik.  Ships of the Great Fleet load at the busy docks, preparing for the voyage across the Western Ocean to the Far Settlements. The clang of Scandinavian steel still rings out and as you turn a corner, you’re likely to bump into Odin, Thor, or Loki.

Jakob thinks his world is safe, but it isn’t. Something needs finishing for his present to come to pass, and he has been chosen to do it. The gods don’t just stand by. Just as the sagas and the ancient stories tell, they like to interfere.

Trapped in waking dreams, he is thrust into an earlier age of Vikings, and into an adventure that can have only one outcome if his world is to survive.

Coming May 6, 2023!


LUCID BOOK 3: Gods and Dreamers


Time kills all things. Even the gods. That’s why they interfere so much.


Three dreamers, manipulated and used by the gods to play with fate and shape reality. But as each becomes aware of their role, they are recruited into an unseen war, and taught how to fight back.

Together they struggle to protect their timelines and resist those that use mortals as their playthings. Each from a different reality, they must fight to protect what is theirs.

Only first they have to survive. There are others who think them heretics and will try to stop them at all costs!

Coming August 6, 2023!


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Solo: A Lucid Story

He strikes at will, disappearing into the night, leaving his victims and a terrorized community behind. But there is somebody on his trail. She knows what he is, and where to find him. 

Who will stop the killer when the killer is from a different reality? It takes a dreamer to stop a dreamer.

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