Sometimes when you lose your way, there is no going home.


Writing is a wonderful way to create and express and explore. I’ve published nineacademic books and over a dozen peer reviewed articles. But I find fiction funner, and freer.

So I’m focussing now on the fun and freedom of fiction. Fiction allows for the free play of imagination and the exploration of ideas. And I have a few of those. I recently received a book contract for my first book in the Lucid series, American Dreamer, from Dreaming Big Publications, and have followed that with two other novels in the Lucid series, Tomorrow’s History (Jakob’s Bidrag) and Gods and Dreamers. Lucid dreams, time travel, gods interfering …

I’ve just finished a fourth novel, a science fiction story involving stepping across space and some unsavory aliens. Or are they? Title: MisStep. You can read more about that, and the Lucid series, in the Novels section.

There is a lot more about those projects inside. Just click on the tabs and learn more about my fiction as well as non fiction work.

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