American Dreamer is out now! Read more about that novel, and the upcoming Lucid series inside, or find it HERE!

Hello! Writing is a wonderful way to create and express and explore. I’ve published nine academic books and over a dozen peer reviewed articles. But I find fiction both funner and freer.

So I’m focussing now on the fun and freedom of fiction. Fiction allows for the free play of imagination and the exploration of ideas. My first book in the Lucid series, American Dreamer, is published by Dreaming Big Publications, and two other novels in the Lucid series, Tomorrow’s History (Jakob’s Bidrag) and Gods and Dreamers will follow (also published by Dreaming Big). Lucid dreams, time travel, gods interfering with we mere mortals … Truly, a journey through time and imagination.

My fourth novel, MisStep, is a science fiction story involving the folding of time and space. Humanity has harnessed the power of the sun to create Einstein-Rosen bridges (worm-holes) to cross vast distances. But then they come across something wholly unexpected. I have followed that up with a second sci-fi novel, set 15 years after the end of MisStep, and titled, Seeders. There are a few questions at the end of MisStep that needed answering. I am now planning the third instalment in that universe.

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